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ZEISS DriveSafe –

the everyday pair of glasses for driving

Being able to see well is a prerequisite for safe driving because on the road our eyes are working overtime: constantly shifting focus between the street, the GPS and the rearview and side-view mirrors. Unpleasant weather or adverse light conditions often make it difficult to see. ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses – available as single vision and progressive lenses – minimize this visual stress when driving and make it easier for drivers to see, enabling you to arrive at your destination safely and stress-free.

Reduced reflections. Helping you better estimate distances.

Unfavorable weather, poor light conditions, irritating glare (like from the headlights of oncoming cars, street lamps or reflections off the wet street) and shifting your viewing focus quickly and often are potential visual challenges for many drivers. The design of ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses accommodates drivers’ special visual needs.

These lenses help you: 

  • judge distances and driving situations more quickly
  • improve your vision at night
  • reduce irritations caused by reflected lights
  • ensure you can quickly and easily adjust your viewing focus to your driving surroundings.

See better during the day, in twilight conditions and at night.

Our pupil size changes over the course of the day: the more surrounding light there is, the smaller the pupil, and vice-versa. Traditional eyeglass lenses don’t incorporate this change into their design. DriveSafe Lenses from ZEISS stand out from the crowd because their optimized lens design accommodates the wearer’s enlarged pupil diameter when driving in poor light. This lens design also increases contrast, improves vision in unpleasant weather and reduces possible distortions within the lens periphery – particularly with progressive lenses.

The end result: you have better vision and can more precisely judge viewing distances in stressful driving situations, such as at night or in rain, fog or snow.


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