Custom Tints

Whether you are sensitive to light, looking to improve your visual performance or simply want to make a fashion statement.  Custom tinted lenses can be used to enhance vision in a variety of weather conditions, enhance athletic performance and even help those suffering from migraines.   The proper lens tint can make working at the computer more comfortable, reduce glare while driving, assist shooters in acquiring their target and even enhance one’s appearance by hiding fine wrinkles or blemishes. Some studies have shown that tinted lenses can affect moods.

Each group or range of colors has unique properties making each unique for certain applications. Lens Options


Benefits: Reduce glare, increase contrast

Lenses tinted with brown, amber, or copper shades sharpen contrast and reduce glare. These colors filter blue light, making them a natural choice for outdoor sports lovers. Because of their no-glare properties, brown-tinted lenses can also improve visibility while driving.


Benefits: Better contrast, visibility; truer colors

Gray  and green-gray tinted lenses allow the wearer to see outdoor colors as they appear naturally, without glare or light pollution. These neutral tones are a popular choice and improve contrast, visibility, and depth perception. Tints can cover the entire lens or fade gradually from dark to light.


Benefits: Sharpen sight in low-light conditions

Yellow tinted lenses neutralize blue light. The effect heightens contrast, making objects look sharper on hazy or cloudy days, when light is compromised. Red tints enhance color contrast and may improve visibility while driving. Some people prefer rose tints for comfortable prolonged wear.


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