Single Vision Lenses

A Single Vision Lens has one corrective power across the entire surface of the lens.  It is use to correct one vision condition such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness)  with or without correcting astigmatism (distorted vision as a result of irregularly shaped lens or cornea).

As a result, a person who has been corrected for far distance must accommodate to see clearly up close.  If they can not accommodate then they either need a separate pair for near vision or a multifocal lens design.  A person who has been corrected for near distance must accommodate to see clearly far away.

Single vision correction may be the first step into vision correction for most people and it has often been seen as nothing more than a slight “inconvenience” for the wearer.  Once the wearer gets their correction they may have “20/20” vision but still feel as though it could be better.  This may be attributed to higher-order aberrations often associated with the limitations of conventional manufacturing of spectacle lenses.  Those aberrations are more pronounced in stronger prescriptions or more complex progressive designs but along comes digital free-form high-definition single vision lenses and the world has changed!

Take a minute and read about “Digital Free-Form” to better understand where this is going.

Recent advances in manufacturing technology has made it possible for the single vision wearer to have the sharpest vision than ever before.  The extreme precision of high-definition free-form single vision lenses produces lenses 100 times more accurate than conventional manufacturing.  This is the first time it has become possible to optimize compound prescriptions in the peripheral area making distortion a thing of the past.  Lens performance can be further advanced by accounting for pantoscopic tilt, frame wrap, vertex distance, frame size, frame shape and pupil height.

At the time of this article Zeiss has taken this technology a step further.  Now offering the Zeiss EnergizMe designed specifically for contact lens wearers this lens features Digital Inside Technology with Zeiss Duravision BlueProtect.  Ask our optician if the new Zeiss EnergizeMe Lens is right for you.




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