Mirror Coatings

Every one has seen those name brand sunglasses with the bright mirrored lenses that you can buy right off the shelf but did you know you can have the same look with your prescription lenses?  Mirrored lenses are not just a fashion statement but serve a real purpose for improving your vision in a variety of situations.  From skiing to fishing outdoor enthusiasts have long been aware of the benefits of mirrored lenses. 

Mirror coating gives the sunglasses a mirror-like appearance and come in a variety of colors.  Mirrored lenses have become very popular recently and are offered in both prescription and nonprescription varieties. Available from a light shimmer(flash) to a total reflection, mirror coatings are available in a wide range of colors for pink to red, yellow to orange, green to blue and silver to gold.  The mirror effect, or perceived intensity of the mirrored lenses, depends on the darkness of the tint of the lens.  With very dark tints, the wearer’s eyes are no longer visible through the coating.

Mirror coats are typically applied on a polarized or tinted(typically gray or brown) lens.  The coating decreasing the amount of light by and additional 10 to 60%.  Those with extreme sensitivity to light or those who spend a lot of time outside should consider mirrored lenses due to the fact that they offer protection from the sun’s harmful glare, provide brighter fields of vision and reduces eye strain.

As with all lenses and coatings mirrored lenses are not scratch proof but do come with a scratch resistant coating that aids in extending the life of the lens.  Do not leave your mirror coated glasses on the dashboard of your car where they can be exposed to extreme temperatures or be subject to sliding while the vehicle is in motion.  


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