• Single Vision
    • Single Vision CR-39 (Plastic)
    • Perfect for Distance, Intermediate or Near Only
  • Bifocal
    • ST28 Bifocal CR-39 (Plastic)
    • Perfect for Distance and Near Vision
  • Trifocal
    • 7x28 Trifocal CR-39 (Plastic)
    • Distance, Intermediate and Near Vision
  • HD Digital Progressive
    • HD Digital Progressive CR-39 (plastic)
    • The Ultimate in Vision Technology

Single Vision lenses have one corrective power across the entire surface of the lens.  It is use to correct one vision condition such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness)  with or without correcting astigmatism (distorted vision as a result of irregularly shaped lens or cornea).

Bifocal lenses have two distinct corrective powers.   The primary purpose of a bifocal lens is to provide the optimal focus balance between distance and near vision.  Available in multiple designs the most common is the ST28 or “D-Seg”.

Trifocals lenses have three distinct corrective powers.  Trifocals correct for distance, intermediate (arm’s length) and near vision.  Trifocals are commonly prescribed to advanced presbyopes who require a correction for 2 diopters or more of reading addition.  The intermediate portion of the trifocal lens is typically half of the addition power. Available in multiple designs the most common is the 7×28 Trifocal.

Progressive lenses have three distinct corrective powers.  Progressive lenses correct for distance, intermediate (arm’s length) and near vision.   The primary difference between a progressive (no-line) lens and traditional straight top trifocal is the blended or gradual progression between the three viewing zones.  These lenses are cosmetically preferred over the traditional lined trifocal.

Digital Progressive lenses or “Free-Form” refers to the advanced computer-controlled manufacturing process that reduces aberrations created from conventionally manufactured lenses.  These are the most highly accurate lenses made offering unparalleled vision.  Compared to the difference of old tube televisions and todays high-definition televisions, this type of lens is thought to be the most important improvement in eyewear manufacturing in the last 100 years. More Info

The lens pricing listed above is for the standard style lenses in each category.  As an independent wholesale laboratory providing service to the eyecare industry across the nation, we can provide you any brand or style of lenses you prefer.  If you don’t see the lens of your choice please ask our optician.  All products are priced wholesale to the public.

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