Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are lenses with three distinct corrective powers.  Progressive lenses correct for distance, intermediate (arm’s length) and near vision.   The primary difference between a progressive (no-line) lens and traditional straight top trifocal is the blended or gradual progression between the three viewing zones.  Cosmetically preferred over the traditional “lined” trifocal, no-line lenses have a history dating back to the early 1900’s.  It wasn’t until the 1970’s that progressive lenses established a consumer following.

Progressive lenses are commonly prescribed to advanced presbyopes who require a correction for 2 diopters or more of reading addition.  The intermediate portion of the progressive lens is typically half of the addition power.

Therefore, a person with a -5.00 diopter distance power with a +3.00 add power would have net reading power of -2.00 diopters and an intermediate power of -3.50 diopters.

There are hundreds of progressive lens designs on the market today.  Typically an office or retail location limits their no-line lens designs to a select few that can account for the basic requirements such as seg height, corridor length, add power, material options and most importantly cost.

Though this practice will provide an overall “good” solution to their customer it does not necessarily offer the “Best” solution.  Your eye care professional should ask in-depth questions concerning your daily lifestyle, hobbies, job and recreation in order to determine the “Best” solution for your vision requirements.  No-line lenses are available in all lens materials including glass.  Ask about the benefits of having your prescription made into polarized sunglasses and for that extra comfort consider adding anti-reflective coating to your eyewear.

Salem Optical provides the best solution for your vision needs at unparalleled prices.  If you have a specific request for your progressive lens design we will make sure it works with your eyewear selection and provide it to you at wholesale pricing.  Pricing

Please take a moment to read the article on “Digital Free-Form” lens manufacturing to learn the benefits of a truly custom made pair of High-Definition lenses designed exclusively for you, your prescription, the frame you choose and the way your wear that frame in addition to those daily lifestyle questions mention earlier.  Your world will never look the same.  Stop by the store today to learn more.

Progressive Lens

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