Optional Lens Materials

(add to base lens price)

  • Polycarbonate
    • Thinner, Lighter & Impact Resistant
    • Recommended for ALL Children and Active Adults
  • High Index
    • 30% thinner than CR-39
    • Less aberration than Polycarbonate
    • Price varies based on lens design

Polycarbonate lenses are approximately 20% thinner than standard plastic lenses making them lighter and more comfortable to wear.  They are also 10 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses making them the material of choice for children’s eyewear and those involved with outdoor activities.

High Index lenses are a variety of plastic lens materials that are thinner and lighter than standard CR-39 plastic lenses.  The most popular high index material has a refractive index of 1.67 and are generally 50% thinner than lenses made from standard plastic.

 Additional Lens Options

(add to base lens price)

  • Custom Tint
    • Custom Fashion Tints in Solid or Gradient
    • From Function to Fashion
    • Enhanced Visual Experience
    • Ask Our Optician what Tints Works Best for You
  • Polarized
    • The Best choice for Sunwear
    • 100%UVA/UVB Protection
    • Improves Visual Comfort, Contrast & Clarity
    • Reduces Eyestrain & Eliminates Glare
    • Price varies based on design and material

Photochromic lenses are lenses that darken automatically when exposed to sunlight and lighten to clear (or nearly clear) indoors.   Activated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, photochromic lenses will even darken on cloudy days, however, the UV filters in cars windshields prevent photochromic lenses from activating.  Recent technology has provided photochromic lenses that activate in both UV and visible light providing some darkening inside the vehicle.  Photochromic lenses are available in nearly all lens materials and lens designs in both gray and brown.  Other color options are also available.

Polarized lenses eliminate the reflective light from smooth surfaces such as water, snow,  the road and even windshields.  Blinding sun glare not only causes accidents but long term exposure to the suns glare is known to cause cataracts.  Polarized lenses not only eliminate glare, they make images sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort.

Custom Tinted lenses can be used to enhance vision in a variety of weather conditions, enhance athletic performance and even help those who suffer from migraines.  Brown, Amber or Copper tints reduce glare and increase contrast.  Gray and Green-Gray offers better contrast and truer colors while Yellow or Rose tints sharpen vision in low light conditions.

  • Scratch Resistant
    • Provides a Much Harder Surface
    • More Resistant to Scratching
    • Please note that NO eyeglass lens is Scratch Proof.
  • UV400 Filter
    • Protects Eyes from Harmful UVA/UVB Rays
    • Reduces the risk of Cataracts and other Eye Problems
    • Recommended on ALL Lenses

Anti-Reflective Coating enhances vision, reduces eye strain and improves the appearance of eyewear by virtually eliminating reflections from the front and back surface of the lens.  AR coating is especially beneficial to high index lenses due to the fact the higher the index of refraction the more light reflections there will be.

UV Coating is another beneficial treatment to lenses that block ultra-violet light.  Just as sunscreen prevents damage to your skin a UV treatment for your lenses blocks the suns UV rays from damaging your eyes.  Over exposure to UV rays is thought to be a cause of cataracts, retinal damage and other eye problems.

Scratch-Resistant Coating is a coating applied to the front and back surface of the lens that is harder and much more resistant to scratching.  While no lens material or coating is scratch-proof, this coating extends the life of the lens while preventing a decrease in visual clarity resulting from scratches.

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